4. Resilient Economy & Job Creation

Dúnta14 Már, 2022, 9:00am - 24 Bea, 2022, 4:00pm

Chapter 4 - Resilient Economy & Job Creation


The preparation of the 2023-2029 Draft Development Plan takes place within a period of significant economic flux. The Plan takes in the context of major challenges – the Covid-19 pandemic and recession, Brexit and climate change. It has never been more important to plan and prepare a roadmap for a resilient, sustainable economy. The Plan’s focus is on a smart recovery based on entrepreneurship and investment, cli-mate action and exploiting new opportunities. Covid-19 has ushered in a digital transformation in the way we work and communicate. Working from home has the potential to make a permanent impact on regenerating communities and to some extent town centres. For countless businesses, remote working practices will be part of their new norm, and smart co-working hubs need to be positioned throughout Kildare to provide structured, well connected, professional working environments. The Covid-19 pandemic has also altered the purchasing habits of many people. Businesses have had to accelerate the digitisation of their businesses or simply lose out. Many Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have had to undertake transformative digitalisation of their enterprises to adapt to this new business landscape, and for many, this is very much seen as  

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p38, REO137: Corbally Harbour: When the large silt build-up (i.e. the island) in the harbour is removed, this will make an ideal space for vessels large and small.  It will also be a tourist...