8 - Urban Centres & Retail

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Chapter 8 - Urban Centres & Retail


Retail is the single biggest private sector employer in the country, with around 300,000 employed in every village, town and city across Ireland and generating around €7 billion in tax revenue for the state every year. The economic activity generated in retail in turn supports local suppliers, producers and the wider economy.

The sector is facing many challenges including an increase in online shopping, impacts on distribution from brexit and the ongoing consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic including an increase in vacancy levels in our towns and villages thoughout the county. Retailing is a fundamental element of town and village centre activity and it is important that these centres maintain, reinsate and improve retailing as a core function which this chapter seeks to address.


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Shops on the Main Street cannot compete with online businesses for convenience or cost, but they can on experience. We must make shopping in our main streets a pleasant experience. Pedestrian areas...
In  the  future  development  plan  for  Johnstown  Village  Co  Kildare  can  we propose  the  a larger  unit/facility  for...
p22, RETO27: Kildare IWAI undoubtedly supports this aspiration
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Submission on behalf of Value Retail on the Draft Kildare County Development Plan 2023 - 2029.