Volume 2

Dúnta14 Már, 2022, 9:00am - 24 Bea, 2022, 4:00pm

Volume 2

Volume 2 deals specifically with small towns, environs, villages and settlements and shall have a key economic and social function within the settlement hierarchy of the Plan.  

In order to develop thriving areas where people want to live and work, the overall objective of Volume 2 is to;

(i) support the sustainable growth of our small towns, villages and settlements,

(ii) support appropriate local employment opportunities and economic activity,

(iii) build on each areas unique character and natural assets.

 Investing in key areas to support regeneration such as town centre renewal, social infrastructure and physical infrastructure is key in supporting the growth and viability of the county’s local centres.

For the purpose of Volume 2 the towns of Kilcullen, Sallins and Clane shall not be included as part of the Small Towns as a Local Area Plan has been prepared for each of these settlements. All other towns, villages and settlements, as identified in the County Kildare Settlement Hierarchy, shall be included in Volume 2. The Blessington and Ladytown Environs Plans are also included in Volume 2.

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