Sallins Amenity Lands P82022.01 - Outcomes

Closeddate_range28 Jan, 2022, 8:30am - 14 Mar, 2022, 5:00pm

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The consultation

The Sallins Amenity Lands Masterplan (Re P82022.01) was on public display from Friday 28th January 2022 until Monday 28th February 2022.

Your views and suggestions

182 submissions were received. A report on the submissions is included in Appendix B.


At the Naas Municipal District meeting on 10th May 2022, it was agreed by all the members that the Chief Executive's Report on the Sallins Amenity Land be adopted with the following modifcations to the advertised drawings:

1. The All-weather pitch to be redesignated from a full size all weather soccer pitch to a multi-use all weather pitch.
2. One No. full size GAA pitch to be redesignated as a full size multi-use pitch to accommodate other sports and organisations in using the park.
3. A mechanism to maximise the use of the pitches in the park to be examined as part of the details design stage, in order to accommodate local clubs and
organisations in Sallins primarily and surrounding areas.
4. The proposed location for the playground shall be revised in consultation with the Planning Department, to provide a more visible/supervised location,
compatible with adjacent uses, in the vicinity of the proposed Community & Sports Hall Building. Exact location to be agreed in writing with the Planning
Authority at detailed design stage.
5. The detailed design considerations outlined in the responses to the submissions for the public in relation to circulation, parking, lighting, furniture
signs, interpretation, accessibility, allotments and Community Garden, Biodiversity, Recycling, Active Recreation, playground, facilities for teenagers,
playing pitches and old farm buildings shall be included as part of the detailed design stage.
6. The relationship of the amenity lands with the Grand Canal Greenway and Naas/Sallins Greenway, and the compatibility of the masterplan with
greenway infrastructure, in particular any proposed bridge crossing near Soldiers Island, shall be fully considered and incorporated at detailed design
7. The detail design considerations as outlines by the HSE, Inland Fisheries Ireland, The National Roads Design Office and Irish Water shall be included
as part of the detailed design stage.
8. The requirements as outlined in response to submissions from Naas Municipal District Engineer, Roads/Transportation Section, Environment
Section, Strategic Projects & Public Realm Section, Water Services Section and the Architectural Conservation Officer shall be complied with as part of
the detailed design stage.
9. The proposed Community and Sports Hall Building, and any proposed Dog Park shall be subject to separate Part 8 process(es).


Provision of Open Space & Recreational Facilities