John Downey

2. Core Strategy


Downey, Chartered Town Planners, 29 Merrion Square, D02 RW64, have prepared this submission to the Draft Kildare County Council Development Plan 2023-2029. This submission is made on behalf of our client, Mintmac Properties Limited,  in relation to the zoning objectives of the lands located off the Blessington Road (R410), Eadestown, County Kildare.

The grounds and justifications to the following submission are summarised as follows:

  • Demographic profile of County Kildare illustrating an ever-growing population since 1991 with a steady demand for housing, a legacy of un-activated planning permissions and unmet demand from the previous Plan period.
  • Locational attributes of the lands, firstly rendered as “Areas Under Strong Urban Influence” under the draft County Development Plan which essentially shows a growing demand, second convenience distance from both Naas and Blessington which makes the site a prime location for housing delivery.
  • Existing capacity in terms of community services in the likes of a primary school, a creche, and a GAA club all having a remarkable catchment, which provides for ascending Eadestown in the settlement hierarchy of the County if a balanced development for the village is targeted.
  • The emerging patterns of development as a result of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak which appears as amenity-driven in-migrated flows of population providing for a rural renaissance.
  • The zoning of the lands for housing and development can bring about significant community gain in the form of new infrastructure, community and playing pitches as well as large areas of public open space.
  • It will create a plan-led, sustainable alternative to one-off rural housing in the open countryside.
  • The instances of Clogherinkoe and Kilkea, which were both rural nodes, and with very similar conditions to the case of Eadestown have moved up in the Hierarchy Settlement of the County as proposed in the draft County Development Plan.  

Please refer to attached report for full details.