6. Infrastructure & Environmental Services

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Nina McCawley

6. Infrastructure & Environmental Services


I wish to object to proposed gallops ave/blessington Rd Road construction at this location on the following grounds 

  • Noise and dust pollution into housing estates lying very close by.
  • Heavy goods vehicles travelling close to school going children while using existing pathway 
  • Cyclists using existing road way to alleviate the use of motor vehicles will be subjected to increased danger.
  • The increased transport of chemicals both hazardous and non hazardous by HGV vehicles to locations on N7. This will cause increased risk to neighbourhoods in very close proximity. 
  • The loss of a very important visual amenity - mountain's, Racecourse and nature for noise and dust which can not be undone 

Why take the risk please do not build this road in this location there are many options available