6. Infrastructure & Environmental Services

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Suzanne Doyle

6. Infrastructure & Environmental Services



Promote the use of innovative solutions that positively address the needs of Kildare's ageing population.


Amend HOP9

(c) Where Part V provision on planning applications is being accepted off site, that the units offered be located within the same settlement and preferably within catchment area of same primary school.


Add the following:

HO 049

Recognising the current housing crisis and in deference to the Flemish Decree, that KCC will extend an amnesty on occupancy clauses on all derelict/ unfinished houses within the rural Countryside that were built with a planning permission dated prior to 2015. 



(vi)  Allow for a 30% increase in footprint without the need to demonstrate local need criteria. Many of these old cottages are simply two rooms that do not reasonably offer enough space to accommodate a modern family, particularly with working from home requirements.



In line with this policy, we should remove any reference to designating serviced sites in advance of policy, as we have yet to define criteria and in absence of same where do we stand with these designations?




Engage positively with co operatives of planning applicants meeting local need criteria in supporting the development of serviced sites in relevant locations. or Pilot the development of serviced sites in conjunction with a demand led approach through the establishment of co operatives of planning applicants that meet local need criteria, identifying suitable location and navigating planning process to deliver a group of serviced sites in a co operative fashion.



HO O56

single rural in densities of over 25 per kilometre. 





Through an evidence based analysis, seek to have the NDP & EMRA amend the RSES to acknowledge the Newbridge/Naas Axis with a similar designation as Drogheda/ Dundalk as a regional growth centre. 

When combining the current populations of both towns the target of supporting a population base of 50,000 persons is not just realistic but certain, this designation will enable the settlements to attract necessary infrastructure to ensure that this inevitable growth happens in an optimal sustainable manner, specifically around increasing the working and living ratio, through the strategic employment generation development of the land bank between both towns.





Acknowledging Kildare town as the primary tourism town within County, continue to support and develop Kildare town as a tourism, bloodstock and manufacturing location.




Strengthen town centres through the sequential approach to development of town centre zonings.



Encourage key retail operatives that drive footfall to locate in appropriate town centre locations that will help revitalise our town centres.



Restrict development of out of town hospitality offerings, such as coffee shops, bistros and cafes.




Support the development of agri spin off industries that will create better efficiencies, address climate action goals and diversification of agri sector.


Core Retail Area Maps


Needs to include both sides of Cutlery rd and Lower part of Eyre street. 



Extend to include the complete island across from Credit Union.

?? Are these maps simply to demonstrate where town centre activity currently takes place or will they restrict expansion of town centre designation in LAP. Concerned that we need to include potential sites for large retailers such as the movement of multiples into town centre sites? 


Kildare town Retail objectives;


Apply a strict sequential approach to the development of food outlets in order to protect and enhance the primacy of  Kildare town centres reputation in the hospitality industry and to improve synergies with the highly successful KROV.



Provide adequate and appropriately located car parking facilities to support tourism visitors to Kildare town.


General comment 

Throughout the CDP, KROV should be the term used to describe the shopping centre at edge of Kildare town and not Kildare village, as this is confusing and misleading in the context of CDP.


Table 5.4

To include

Delivery of South Green connector to Monasterevin rd


Investigate feasibility of developing an orbital route around Kildare town linking Monasterevin rd to Dublin rd 


Remove TMO80

Far too constricting.


5.12 Car Parking

Question the inclusion of following

;According to the NTA Draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin area .....encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport and reduce traffic congestion.'


This statement fails to take account of competition that town centres are facing from out of town large retail centres which planning decisions have supported. If we adopt this approach we will certainly reduce congestion but we will also have unviable commercial town centres. The statement also fails to acknowledge that this position is predicated on a very sophisticated public transport service that does not exist in most of the towns in the hierarchy of settlements . The critical mass required to deliver a sophisticated public transport network does not exist and nor will it given the prescriptive nature of NDP growth figures. However, given the modal shift that Dublin has engaged in and the historic retail leakage from Kildare into Dublin, it might be argued that to create a reasonable balance of car parking provision that will enhance convenience for shoppers, will attract our local community to shop local which will reduce net journey times


Include TMO116

To deliver an adequate level of public car parking within our towns that will support destination car journeys to support commercial vitality and sustainability of town centres.

 This standard should be set out in DM standard and reflect the economic realities similar to our out of town destination centres.





To establish a working committee with Irish Rail for the management, maintenance and upgrading of railway bridge network throughout the County.



To provide appropriately located tourism bus spaces in towns that offer visitor attractions.



In destination retail towns and tourism destination towns to accommodate off street car parking in convenient locations through provision of multi storey car parking.

The capital investment required for delivery of same should be self financing overtime, through car parking charges.


Table 5.4 Priority road and bridge projects.

Add the following:


Investigate feasibility of orbital route around Kilcullen


The upgrade of Railway bridges serving South Green in Kildare town.


To amend the zoning matrix for LAP and small towns to restrict development of Large Convenience Stores to specified sites within plans. This designation is important in recognising the capacity for such mega stores to significantly alter the retail activity of a town and as such to pro actively engage the delivery of these utilities in a manner that will support primacy of town centres and protect sustainability of same. This is even more important since the removal of size restrictions in the 2012 Retail Planning Guidelines. Providing for the strategic development of such large scale commercial enterprises within our towns has the capacity to drive footfall, deliver sufficient capital investment to revolutionise car use and order of priority of transport and road use and see significant improvements in the efficient development of brownfield sites and densification of our town centres. The Whitewater development in Newbridge is a good example of a project that has delivered on these fronts and is largely responsible for holding the primacy of this regional destination town centre. 







Suzanne Doyle

Member of Kildare Newbridge Municipal District

Kildare County Council