Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Swindon Investment Company Limited

11 - Built & Cultural Heritage

Swindon Investment Co Ltd's submission and on-going commitment to our lands within Carton Demesne:

Our primary aim and objective is the conservation, protection and where appropriate, the restoration of Carton Demesne’s woodland and protected structures which will  improve access to the existing woodlands for both the local community and residents. Our commitment is to a strategic approach, that ensures that no piecemeal development occurs within Carton Demesne.

Secondly the full implementation of conservation measures that are funded through limited appropriate development. The identification of definitive phased works outlined in our previously issued Masterplan 2020 to 2035. All proposals for Carton Demesne formed part of the original 1991 approved application. Proposed Conservation and Masterplan has been developed to provide continuity and ensure the sustained growth and protection of the Demesne’s grounds. It is intended to complete and fully implement the original approval and adopted Carton Demesne strategic plan. The subject areas require remedial and conservation works and will include the implementation of the recently updated 2019 Woodland Management Plan (WMP) attached.

Note to Council:

We submit that this Woodland Management Plan 2019 map should replace Map 11.13 which has errors such as Leinster Wood housing 110 to 115 shown as woodland and part of the new wing of the Hotel/vernacular building shown as a woodland zone

The Council can contact ssavage@carton.ie to obtain all necessary updated maps of Carton Demesne.