13 - Landscape, Recreation & Amenity

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Brian McArdle

13 - Landscape, Recreation & Amenity

We have as a country committed to the 30 by 30 campaign - 30% of our plant to be managed for nature, by the year 2030. That’s 30% of bogs to be rewetted, and 30% of fields that should be replanted with native species. Every town should have a 100 acre wood within 15mins active travel.


Has the Council fully implemented the 2000 European Landscape Convention as ratified in 2008? If not, this should be a priority so that residents can ensure their local areas are protected.


Tree preservation orders should be more widely used. At present it is unclear how one should apply to KCC for one, and thus an endangered tree is unlikely to be saved in time.


There are not enough parks in any of our towns. Celbridge has no park apart from Castletown House which has no playground or open areas for ball games, and for west Leixlip using active travel to get to St Catherine's Park means running the gauntlet of Main Street and then a steep climb along the Black Avenue. Create more parks!