16 - Monitoring & Implementation

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Celbridge Community Council

16 - Monitoring & Implementation

16.3 Plan Implementation

Regarding "many areas of the county have witnessed rapid and prolonged periods of growth without the delivery of adequate, supporting social and community infrastructure. The Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy 2019-2031 (RSES) recognises this issue and states that measures should be taken to ensure ‘catch-up’ investment to promote consolidation and improvement in the sustainability of those areas."

  • How is adequate defined?
  • How will Kildare County Council measure the delivery of adequate infrastructure?
  • What measures does Kildare County Council propose to take to ensure ‘catch-up’ investment as stated in the RSES?

16.3.1 Implementing the Hierarchy of Plans

Regarding "the Council has developed an evidence-based methodology for preparing LAPs which focuses delivering compact growth, economic development, regeneration, climate action and community inclusion in the 12 settlements subject to a LAP in County Kildare."

  • What is the evidence-based methodology and will it be shared with the public?

Regarding "all LAPs will be accompanied by Local Transport Plans to ensure that Development Plan targets on sustainable mobility are applied to these settlements.", an Area Based Transport Assessment (ABTA) for a wider area (that includes neighbouring towns, expecially when clustered closely together) will be as important as a LTP which will be focused on the town for which the LAP is being prepared. No town can be looked at in isolation when movement happens between towns.

16.3.2 Securing Funding

Regarding "Where a key objective of the County Development Plan (or Local Area Plan) is not identified on the three-year capital programme, then the presumption will be that the project will be delayed and/or could be advanced as a ‘developer-led’ investment", there should not be any “presumption” or objectives are likely to fall through the cracks. Instead, each objective should be listed with a status update provided (and made public) on a quarterly basis.