Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Maynooth Cycling Campaign

16 - Monitoring & Implementation

Monitoring and reporting are an essential element of management ensuring that development is in accordance with what is intended. Our opinion of the appendix which runs to nearly 120 pages is that it fails to measure the key metrics and fails to inform the general public of a is trying to achieve and why, and which the general public can read and understand.


The Council MUST radically reorder this Appendix starting with items to be reported annually, through to items which have to be reported after 5 years ie at the end of the Plan's life.


In relation to transportation, there are two key performance indicators:

·Travel modal split, and

·Reduction in carbon emissions.

If these performance indicators perform as intended, much of transport objectives and actions will be successfully implemented. If they fail to be implemented, management must redouble efforts to achieve their implementation.

In  measure these performances, it is necessary to

1)    Measure travel mode split on an annual basis, and

2)    Estimate the impact of emission reduction of active travel schemes and the impact of emission increase of non-active travel transport projects at the design and post-construction stage.

Performance indicators which are measured annually, will of course also be reviewed after two years in accordance with the statutory requirements but statutory requirements do not preclude them from being measured more often if they are critical.