Athy and Monasterevin ‘School Streets’ pilot scheme

Dúnta23 Mei, 2020, 3:50pm - 7 Iúil, 2020, 5:59pm

Kildare County Council are proposing a ‘School Street’ pilot schemes at two locations:
(i) Mount Hawkins, Athy and (ii) Drogheda Street, Monasterevin.

As part of this pilot scheme, Kildare County Council invites members of the public to ‘Have Your Say’ and participate in this survey. Please note, this survey is non-statutory and this survey will help to guage the publics opinion on alternative and sustainable modes of transport.

As part of the process of finalising the ‘School Street’ survey, we may publish comments received through this online survey (please note that comments will be anonymised). Before you can complete this survey, you will need to confirm that you consent to the terms of the survey. For details on how to withdraw your consent, please click here.  

If you are completing the survey on behalf of an organisation or group, you will be asked to provide contact details. The name of your organisation or group may be published alongside your feedback, but your contact details will remain confidential. 

Individuals not representing an organisation or group can make an anonymous submission and no personal data will be collected from these individuals. Please refer to the Kildare County Council Privacy Statement and the Kildare County Council Public Consultation Portal Privacy Policy.

Please note that the data collected from this survey will be shared by Kildare County Council. However, contact details provided by organisations will not be shared. 

If you prefer, you can submit responses by post to:

Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transport Officer,
Transportation and Public Safety Department,
Kildare County Council,
Áras Chill Dara,
Co. Kildare,
W91 X77F

What is a ‘School Street’?
A ‘School Street’ is where a road which has a school on it may temporarily close or is restricted to vehicular traffic to allow for a pedestrian and cycle zone during a school opening and closing times. The ‘School Street’ initiative aims to provide school-goers, parents, and guardians with a safer and easier route to school, making it a healthy, active and sustainable means of transport to school, by walking, cycling or scooting. By temporarily closing the road or restricting vehicle traffic on it during school times, this will help reduce risks, traffic congestion and air pollution in the vicinity of the school.

There are different alternatives for a ‘School Street’, like making a street a ‘No-Vehicle’ zone or turning into a ‘One-Way’ street. Either way, there should be either no vehicles permitted on the ‘school street’ or at least, having vehicle using a one-way system and this is an opportunity for the public to have their say on what options may be available to provide a school street in the specified area, on a pilot basis.

School streets are common around Europe and the UK, and here in Ireland, the first school street was undertaken by our friends at Fingal County Council for Saint Oliver Plunkett School on the Grove road in Malahide. School Streets will help reduce the danger to school children from the significant amount of traffic on certain streets during a school opening and closing times.

Pilot Towns/Street/Schools:
(i) Athy - Mount Hawkins street: (Scoil Mhicil Naofa)
(ii) Monasterevin - Drogheda Street: (St. Evan’s, St. Peter’s and St. John’s National Schools and St. Pauls Post Primary School)

What is being proposed?
The proposal is to trial a temporary road closure for a 12 month period on:

(i) Mount Hawkins street, Athy between Stanhope Place & Chapel Lane junction and Convent View junction between 8.15am to 9.30am plus 1.00pm to 3.00pm and

(ii) Drogheda Street, Monasterevin between (a) Rathangan road and Togher Road Junctions and between (b) Whelan Street and Canal Harbour road junctions between 8.30am to 9.30am plus 1.30pm to 3.30pm during school term time.

A one-way system can be proposed as an alternative option on either street.

Discussions and plans will be required to decide on alternative parking areas for parents during school opening and closing times, in addition to using walking and cycling modes of transport. Vehicles should not be allowed to enter the streets between these times unless they have been given a permit. Residents/Businesspeople who live and work on a School Street will be able to register for a permit, as well as Disabled Badge holders who need to collect their children from school. The scheme will not operate on school holidays or at weekends.

The purpose of the survey is to gauge the public and members views and suggestions on the scheme.

Why are these changes being proposed?
Kildare County Council is working with schools and the wider community on several projects to improve road safety, sustainable transport, climate action and improving air quality. The School Streets initiative aims to reduce through traffic, making it a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone. Athy and Monasterevin have been selected as the two pilot towns for a period of 12 months and the council’s Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transport Officer will be working with the schools, elected members and local community to coordinate and develop the initiative.

How will motorists be informed about the temporary closures?
Kildare County Council will undertake informations essions in both Athy and Monasterevin areas to inform the public of progres son the school street initiatives. Once decided, the council will use its social media platforms and website to promote the scheme and inform the public further.

Signs will be erected at the entrances to the streets to inform drivers of the temporary limits. Temporary raising barrier or bollards may also be an option to close the road for the duration of the School Street.

To gauge the publics opinion and allow you to have your say, the council is providing this ‘Have Your Say’ survey on both pilot streets. Below is a list of questions which you are invited to answer and submit as part of the consultation process.


The closing date has passed and submissions are no longer being accepted.